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Genetic Windsongs Murals:  We design and create all our own work from murals and public art installations to sculpture and paintings. For the last 25+years we have been dedicated to the betterment, beautification, and healing of community through art, culture, and performance. We work in the greater Los Angeles area and wherever our art takes us; from Universities ,Schools, Community Centers, Correctional facilities, Indigenous communities, with youth and strive to bring resources through the arts that can serve as an alternative. Our goal as artists is to use art as a tool to empower and enlighten community, and as an educational tool through artistic workshops, classes, murals, and sculpture. 

Genetic Windsongs Creates: Mural work* Wood sculpture* Paper Mache* Class instruction* Original Paintings* Logo Design* Commission* Inter-generational Trauma Workshops

The Making of 'The Dreamer that flowed like El Rio and became the Ocean'

'The Dreamer that flowed like El Rio and became the Ocean' 

University of Channel Islands


'Genetic Future' 

Pitzer College A member of Claremont College's


'Pitzer College'

'Crying Tlaloc'

 Container at Chicano Park 


'Mexica Creation of The World Trees'

El Sereno Community Garden

'Toyporina's Blessing'

Pitzer College

'Toyporina's Blessing'

Pitzer College A member of Claremont College's 


'The Making of Cahuilla Culture'

University of Redlands


'The Four Tezcatlipocas'

Xinaxcalmecac Academia Semillas del Peublo


'We are Los Angeles Project'

Collaboration with Raul Baltazar

'Performance: By Genetic Windsongs of Truth and Revolt and Mural By Joe Galarza' 

Title : ' Watching the Empire Fall ' Series

at Psssst Gallery Space

East Los Angeles Ca.


Genetic Windsongs: In the spirit of  the presevation and self-determination of our culture I choose not to sugar coat this art voice of resistance. Our art is our weapon to state the truths of our injustices.


We Have Power... Our power isn't in a political system, or a religious system, or in a military system ; these are authoritarian systems...they have power but  it's not reality. The power of our intelligence, individually or collectively IS the power, this is the power that any industrial ruling class truly fears : clear coherent human beings - John Trudell

Let go of who you think you are... and what you do in life

let go of belief and disbelief...


Let yourself be part of what follows of your letting go... 


Our Human is temporary

An experience of being

In the evolution of being...


 This is a reflection of my tommorow's

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