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The art of Joe Galarza speaks to a resurgence of our indigenous legacy -beyond genocide and prosecution via the colonial powers which have dominated and perpetrated prejudice world views throughout our human history. Through visual and sound the artist asks the question: How would you feel watching the yearly celebration of the murder and destruction of your culture, people, and way of life? And for it to be celebrated as a national holiday like Columbus Day, which signifies the beginning of the end for millions of indigenous people and still counting? Humanity will never progress until these truths are truly universally felt.  “Genetic Wind Songs” serves as a visual witness to a reawakening of a pan-indigenous movement of spiritual existence that connects us to our mother earth without man-made laws or borders. 

As our humble inheritance, every man and woman has a right to water, land, and life.  As the earth is depleting, we are also depleting.  Our earth song is singing far and wide, as humanity is at stake.  We are our future and we are our past.  As we enter this time of purification, water is our life, a living gift, and a right so that we may exist despite this Bio-colonial world that is being imposed to our mother earth cultures.  

Oil Paintings

Acrylic Paintings

Watercolor Paintings

Velvet Paintings